A review of the mystery surrounding the dreyfus affair

Man glaubt einen spannenden Krimi vor sich zu haben und wird aber schon bald eines Besseren belehrt. Soweit stimmt die kurze Inhaltsangabe. Und der Tod der beiden Juden ist fast nur Beiwerk in der Geschichte.

A review of the mystery surrounding the dreyfus affair

Share via Email Afterlife: Alfred Dreyfus far left became a lieutenant colonel in the French army during the first world war. A month later, Schwartzkoppen received a note from Esterhazy referring to classified material, tore it up, and left the pieces in his wastepaper basket for his French cleaning lady, whom he considered an idiot.

She promptly delivered them to French military intelligence. They then sat, unexamined, for a month, because the responsible official, Hubert-Joseph Henry, had left on an extended hunting trip. Yet this comedy of errors gave rise to a massive scandal that wrecked lives, unleashed a torrent of prejudice, and for a time seemed to be pushing France towards the brink of civil war.

It was no coincidence that the wrongly arrested officer, Alfred Dreyfus, was a Jew. Antisemitism contributed mightily to his conviction in a farcically mishandled court martial. Soon afterwards, Henry was correctly accused of fabricating key evidence in the case and slit his throat with a razor.

But even then a second court martial confirmed the sentence against Dreyfus.

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A full vindication did not come until It also includes a provocative study by Ruth Harris, one of the best living historians of this period. What Read does bring to bear is a keen and practised sense of how to sketch characters, and to tell their stories. He does a particularly good job with Dreyfus himself, whom he portrays as stiff, humourless and inhibited, but also possessing inner reserves of strength that allowed him to survive his atrocious ordeal.

Dreyfus took refuge in books — Shakespeare, Montaigne, works of history — only to find them attacked as well: He wants to understand how its members thought. He therefore begins with 50 pages on the religious battles of the previous century, evoking the sense of persecution that French Catholics felt at the hands of the secular republic — and of the Jews whom they associated with it.

He goes on to discuss the growing influence of Jews even, remarkably, in the armytheir role in prominent scandals, and the resentment they encountered.

The Blood of Lorraine by Barbara Pope

Following Harris, but without her careful nuances, Read makes the Dreyfusards out to be almost as rigid and intolerant as their opponents. He stresses the offence that Zola had caused to devout Catholics with his anti-clerical novels.

This rhetorical flourish would leave less of a sour taste if Read had recognised that at some point in the late 19th century, the "France of St Louis" turned into something altogether more modern and more pathological. One of the books notably absent from his bibliography is The Anti-Semitic Moment: In nauseating detail, it chronicles the extent of antisemitism in town after town during the affair: Here is typical language from a diocesan newsletter: The Jew is our master.

Against such massive, violent hatred, was forceful secularist legislation such an outrage? But ultimately it is this tide of hatred, fed by the press and sophisticated political organisations, and providing an all too fitting opening to the 20th century, that really makes it significant.This was my second time reading THE DREYFUS AFFAIR, the first being before professional sports players began to come out of the closet.

Aside from the occasional use of the term "sexual preference" the writing . To understand this film, it helps to have some knowledge of the events surrounding the Dreyfus scandal. In , this was a contemporary controversy, so Méliès reasonably assumed audience familiarity.

Furthermore, in early cinema, lecturers would describe films at screenings. search essay examples. browse by category.

A review of the mystery surrounding the dreyfus affair

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In his view, Dreyfus was guilty - it was the Jews and Masons that libeled his accusers, pointed the finger at an innocent man, and had Dreyfus falsely exonerated.


Taking time to research some of the events to which he refers provides a great historical education - and offers a new perspective. May 01,  · A sense of anxiety is established from the beginning of “The Dreyfus Affair,” a hybrid of concert and theater that has become the signature style of the Ensemble for the Romantic monstermanfilm.com: Elisabeth Vincentelli.

Tasked with preserving a cache of films by Georges Melies, Frances finds herself embroiled in a real-life mystery surrounding The Dreyfus Affair, Melies's reconstruction of the infamous scandal in which Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer in the French military, was falsely accused of spying for Germany.

A review of the mystery surrounding the dreyfus affair
A Review of the Anomolous Aspects of The Dreyfus Affair