Facebook love finder app

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Facebook love finder app

For many people the primary use for Facebook is as a giant, user-generated photo gallery. Mashable has a post back in September saying that Facebook has over 10 billion photos and is getting about TB more a day.

They have over one petabyte of images stored. So how does one user, with just a few dozen or a few hundred friends track and identified photos?

Photo Finder, a new facial recognition software using the technology from Face. What Photo Finder does, to put it simply, is scan all the photos on your network and it then identify and tag them.

So using photos available on the public network it can figure out what someone looks like, identify photos of them, quantify the likelihood that an image is in fact that person, and then tag it. Photo Finder is just starting off—it officially launches today— and while the alpha software has its limitations, it works well.

Facebook love finder app

The facial recognition data is collective though, so more images in the system should mean more accurate indexing for everyone. One issue I had with it during testing was that I entered some new photos of myself and newly tagged a few others, and it took about three days to index them.

It should typically be faster than though though from what I have heard. Another issue is the limited utility of the tagging—it only works within Photo Finder. The app does not account for images that have purposefully been untagged by users so if someone, say a prospective employer, is looking for photos of you he could possible dig up untagged ones.

This could happen only if he is friends with you and another person who has a photo of you up that has been manually untagged. The real strength of the application at this point is the facial recognition software behind it.

That is what Face. Because Facebook is the largest photo gallery in the world, it seems like a good place to start. Eventually this technology will probably be used all over the web, it has definitely applications for Flickr, Google Images, and their ilk, but this is a strong first step.

You can read more at Face. The first people will be invite through this link. Keep in mind that the alpha is only letting in people so space will be limited.

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Facebook love finder app

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